Heavy usage of your Smartphone affects the battery life of your phone and with time it slowly deteriorates. Well, if you face iPhone battery problems in iPhone while servicing it then you can visit iPhone battery wholesale suppliers to get it rectified/replaced.

There are some reliable iPhone battery wholesale suppliers who offer high-quality battery replacements. You can get wholesale as well as individual iPhone batteries. All the products they stock are tested to ensure they last for a long time. As they stock a wide variety of products you certainly get what you are searching for.

The reputable iPhone battery wholesale China outlets and stores offer quality replacement iPhone batteries at highly competitive prices. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case you find any fault with the product after installation. They stock original iPhone battery so that you get a genuine product worth the price and it lasts longer.

All iPhone parts are tested before shipped

An iPhone battery wholesale USA ensures that every iPhone part is tested for quality and functionality before it is shipped to your place. It is not an easy task to find reliable iPhone battery wholesale suppliers in the USA and thus the reputed ones always deliver the best. They have the experience of working with different manufacturers and as they have to build a network of manufacturers with whom they share a healthy relationship every iPhone repair and replacement is carried out efficiently.

Competitive price

As a reputed source in iPhone battery wholesale USA companies, offer high quality at competitive prices to their customers. Apart from just the competitive price, they also offer added discounts based on your bulk order. They strive to provide original and high-quality parts to their customers.

They understand the importance of the smartphone in your life and thus offer same day shipping facility on all their orders of repair parts. They offer a guarantee on all their repair and replacement parts and also accept the return of products in case the customer is not satisfied.

Well, if you send your Apple phone for a repair to the Apple store, you know that it will take weeks to get it repaired. On the other hand, independent iPhone parts wholesale suppliers offer same day excellent service for most repairs like the replacement of the battery, screen, and camera’s charging port as compared to Apple’s repair. The only challenge is to find the right and genuine repair shop near you.

Also, sometimes you don’t get an appointment for repair at Apple store so to avoid all the waiting period you can approach a reliable repair store near you.

Battery Life

Battery life is important and heavy usage time certainly affects battery life. When you notice that the battery life of your iPhone is becoming short or if it is below 80% then it’s the time to replace the battery of your iPhone.

You can find the service for the following iPhone batteries