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In case you want to buy iPhone screen or other parts from a third party supplier you need to be aware of a couple of things. Make sure you buy iphone screen in bulk from reputed iPhone screen supplier.

When you buy wholesale iphone battery from a wrong supplier, you may end up spending huge money and won’t get anything in return. There are many other reasons why you need to buy Wholesale iphone parts only from genuine best supplier.

iPhone Screen grade

Basically different iPhone LCDs and screens have different grades. While purchasing iphone screen in Bulk you should ask about the screen grade that the supplier is giving you.

Quality Tests:

A lot of iphone screens suppliers do not send out iPhone LCD screen for quality tests or the many market tests that should be carried out. Thus there are chances that you come across manufacturing fault or delivery in most cases.

The best iphone lcd always carry out the necessary tests for iPhone screens and ensure that their customers get high quality screen. It is important to check if your wholesale iphone lcd supplier is offering a tested product for quality.

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Quality of Glass

Some wholesale Phone parts suppliers supply best quality of glass and many others offer poor quality glass for your iPhone screen. The quality is so poor that the glass may break even in a single drop.

So, ensure that you connect to only genuine and reputed iPhone dealers & suppliers. The iPhone screen is the major part of your phone and you need to get it from reliable supplier only.

The points stated above surely will help you know how important it is to find the genuine suppliers for your iPhone and not fall in for fake ones.

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