Recycling & Value  Recovery  Solution             

             As a leading one-stop cell phone parts sourcing and recycling solution provider in the electronics after-sales industry, CPS believes

                   that  all the value of each electronic device  should be fully explored before end up with landfill. Our mission of recycling and value

                   recovery solution is to help global wireless  industry save the planet.



                            Mainly we currently cover two aspects of our reclamation business: the LCD refurbishing and Housing reclamation (including front

                 housing, battery cover, middle plate, etc.). If you have used parts that need to be refurbished, please feel free to contact us.

                 Whatever the quantity, we most likely are interested in buying from you.

                            Here are instructions and pictures of an example of how we would like you to pack your LCD digitizers


                                     How to pack LCD screens ?                         



                  A  Place LCDs Face to face                                B  Screen Pairs Back to Back                               C Stack in Sets of 10


                    D  Secure in Bubble Wrap                                Tape Together Batches of Screens                       F   Line Box with Peanuts                  



                   G  Fill Box with Packing Peanuts                              H  Add Padding Between Layers                          I  Add Second Layer of Screens



                   Top Off Package with Packing Peanuts                  K  Securely Tape Your Package Closed